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Crane Trucks

Many different industries, from construction to propane, use crane trucks for their projects. That’s why Kurtz Truck Equipment specially designs crane trucks to meet the unique needs of its customers. Whether you need a boom crane, mast crane or knuckle boom, we can help you build your own truck made with equipment from our selection of top-quality vendors. 

When you come to us for your crane truck needs, we give you the opportunity to customize a truck to fit your exact needs. 

  • Options for underbody aluminum storage boxes and underbody stainless steel concrete block storage boxes
  • Electric/hydraulic and fully hydraulic cranes, sized for application and customer needs, available from Venturo
  • Articulating cranes, sized for application and customer needs, available from Ferrari
  • Truck bodies from Knapheide available; customize to your specific needs
A driver's side view of a white crane truck at kurtz truck equipment inc.
A view of the driver's side of a white bobtail/propane truck at kurtz truck equipment inc.


Bobtail trucks are crucial to the propane industry, so it is necessary to have a truck that can go the extra mile safely and efficiently. Here at Kurtz Truck Equipment, each of our bobtail trucks is outfitted with a comprehensive set of standard features with endless possibilities to add optional features. We are committed to providing your business with an exceptional truck that is tailored to your every need.

Standard equipment for bobtail trucks includes:

  •  Stainless steel, open deck with sealed light boxes
  • Stainless steel meter cabinet with interior light
  • Stainless fenders with stainless steel crash guards
  • Polished aluminum Hannay hose reel with Smith swivel
  • MC331 cargo tank with flanged liquid outlet
  • Rego Flomatic internal valve
  • Blackmer TLGLF3C 3-inch flange mounted pump
  • Liquid Controls meter LCRII with printer in the cab
  • Base Engineering emergency shut-down system

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are essential to many industries, from construction to mining and beyond. When it comes to transporting material from one location to another, Kurtz Truck Equipment knows that you need a truck that can reliably do the heavy lifting. We are proud to partner with quality vendors to provide you with the perfect dump truck for your budget and performance requirements.

  • Bodies available from Bibeau or Knapheide
  • Bibeau bodies available in 11-foot to 22-foot lengths
  • Knapheide available in length options including 9’6 and 11’6
A full view from the driver's side of a blue mack dump truck from kurtz truck equipment inc.
A rear angled view of a white service truck at kurtz truck equipment inc.

Service Trucks

Service trucks are important to the success of many industries and can be the key to improving operational efficiency. We know that choosing the right service truck for your business is an important investment that can save you time and money. That’s why we’re here to help fulfill all your service truck needs. With the storage space, organization, accessibility and hauling capabilities available from a Kurtz Truck Equipment service body, you can create a truck fit to your business’s specifications.


  • Versatile
  • Many capabilities
  • Moves Equipment, Concrete Structures, Cars & Trucks
A driver's side view of a white sedan strapped to the carrier deck of a white nrc 10tb carrier parked on a rural road on a clear day
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