NRC Towing Equipment


  • Versatile
  • Many capabilities
  • Moves Equipment, Concrete Structures, Cars & Trucks
View of a white car's tire securely strapped down to the bed of an nrc 10tb carrier at kurtz truck equipment inc.
Black nrc quickswap truck at sunset drivers side angled rear view


Offering substantial savings on fuel and maintenance expenses while unlocking a multitude of possibilities for enhanced profitability our Quickswap equipment offers unwavering durability and reliability.

Quickswap achieves remarkable performance without burdening itself with unnecessary weight.

Harness the advantages of the Quickswap’s detachable design to stretch your capabilities during peak seasons, while also seamlessly adapting to slower periods.

  • Underlift Rating: 35,000 LBS
  • Tow Rating: 80,000 LBS
  • Basic Weight: 6,000 LBS


The NRC 10TB carrier is one of the most versatile carriers that Kurtz Truck Equipment can outfit your truck with. NRC built this series with the same quality and durability as any of the other size carriers we offer. The 10TB is versatile enough to handle non-stop light-duty vehicles, whether they are in town or over long distances. Choose a galvanized finish or a lighter aluminum deck to meet your payload needs. If you are getting non-stop calls for light vehicles, the 10TB from NRC is the towing equipment for you.

  • 10,000 LBS
  • 18’ – 21.5’
  • 8,000 LBS
A driver's side view of a white sedan strapped to the carrier deck of a white nrc 10tb carrier parked on a rural road on a clear day
A passenger's side view of a blue-gray nrc 20tb carrier with a red tractor strapped to the carrier deck parked next to a corn field with a light-colored sunset


Kurtz Truck Equipment understands that not all jobs qualify as a “light vehicle”. That is why we offer the NRC 20TB. The 20TB can handle roadside assistance, recovery, and transport. The NRC 20TB is rated at 20,000lbs and is available in 20′-30′ lengths. No matter if you are moving heavy equipment, heavy-duty vehicles, or both, the 20TB has the capacity to get the job done. The only place to get one in the Southern Tier is at Kurtz Truck Equipment in Marathon, NY.

  • 20,000 LBS
  • 20’ – 30’
  • 8,000 LBS


Sometimes you just need a heavy-duty piece of towing equipment to get the job done. Kurtz is proud to offer the NRC 30TB to provide the capacity you need. With a carrier deck rating of 30,000 lbs, the NRC 30TB can handle it all. If you are looking for a flagship carrier to add to your fleet, look no further. NRC offers a variety of additional features for their 30TB series. You can have confidence that Kurtz Truck Equipment will build your trucks to match your specifications.

  • 30,000 LBS
  • 24′ – 30′
  • 15,000 LBS
An angled view, from the driver's side rear, of a white nrc 30tb carrier deck parked next to a waterfront with bridge in the background
A slightly angled rear view of a black and green nrc 40tb carrier parked in front of a loading dock with its roll-up door closed


If you want the strongest, most durable carrier in the Southern Tier, then you want the NRC 40TB available Kurtz Truck Equipment. NRC constructed this carrier with an oversized subframe and reinforced deck beams, so you can have confidence to get the job done. Too often, a client has no one to call when an extra heavy-duty vehicle, multiple pieces of large machinery need to be hauled. If you want to be the first and last call in the Southern Tier, then this is the model for you. And it is only available at Kurtz Truck Equipment in Marathon NY.

  • 40,000 LBS
  • 24′ – 30′
  • 20,000 LBS
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